Flexible Packaging


Our HD Flexo presses are the top of the line technology

available in the printing industry. They provide precise

registration, extended color gamut, and the smoothest

gradients possible. Our presses automatically monitor

and adjust registration, pressure settings, and color

accuracy four times per second, and our digital defect

detection system ensures you receive only the highest

quality, most exceptionally detailed impressions.



Our Metronome die cut system enables us to produce custom label shapes

inexpensively, and our HD Flexo presses further reduce your costs with

industry-leading set-up and changeover speeds. The efficiency of our presses

enables affordability on runs of all sizes, so whether you are a new company

making your first foray into custom packaging or an established brand

requiring millions of labels, we can provide cost-effective solutions.


Our HD Flexo presses have the best in-run and

run-to-run consistency possible. Eight high-definition

cameras monitor each run, enabling instantaneous mechanical press adjustments to maintain consistent color and print quality. Our presses also digitally record each print run for comparison and verification on every reorder, allowing the highest degree of repeatability in the industry.



Our HD Flexo presses generate less waste than any other flexographic presses

on the market, which benefits both the environment and your bottom line.

The advanced registration system reduces set-up waste by up to 90%, and LED ink curing reduces power consumption by up to 70%. Our technology eliminates ink from the waste stream and does not emit volatile organic compounds (think air pollution and climate change), both common in conventional printing.


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