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The goal of packaging design is to create a personal and memorable experience with your target audience – to connect with your customers on a deeper level. Here are a few fun packaging design trends to consider if you’re looking to go in a different direction or looking to launch a promotional product.

Get Crafty

With the resurgence of hand-crafted p...

Simple, clear messaging is key to making a statement. We’ve noticed that many brands have gone back to a bold, clean, simple look when promoting their product. 

Minimize the elements you use in your packaging design and your product can stand out from all the other packaging noise surrounding it.

In our fast-paced world, shoppers don’t always have the tim...

Consumers want to connect with the products they purchase and bring into their homes. What is your story? Tell it through your packaging!


What is your Unique Selling Proposition? What is the key differentiator between you and other products in the market?

Analyze and identify what your competition does well (and not so well), and how your product...

Check out this article published by FLEXO Magazine featuring our new HD Flexo technology! UV LED light curing provides sustainable printing processes. 

Mark Revere shows off our International LED-UV Association's Eco Award.

Our state-of-the-art Bobst printing presses utilize HD Flexo technology.

Creating great food packaging is as essential as selecting the right ingredients that go into your product. Consider these design elements when creating your packaging.


What constraints does your product have?

How will it be packaged and stored?

Does it need to be chilled?

Work with your packaging partner on the type of barriers and laminations needed...

Sometimes packaging is more complicated than it needs to be. Check out this example of how we helped Lars' Own simplify and beautify their packaging.

Lars’ Own, a premium collection of gourmet specialties distributed by Chicago Importing, offers a variety traditional Scandinavian and Northern European foods. Their eye-catching packaging design of Stockholm’s...

We all have our favorite packaging that we see on the shelves at the store and sometimes can't resist but to bring them home. Here is one of our favorites!

Smackaroons, a delightfully delicious dairy, gluten, and preservative-free coconutty cookie. They were in search of a more inviting presentation than a cellophane bag with hand applied label.

Why we love it...

Pouch packaging is everywhere... candy, granola, snacks and coffee! Want to know why pouches are so popular to house these tasty treats?

Check out these 5 reasons why pouches make "sense".

1. See

Maximum printing surfaces showcase your company's branding and messaging. Try a custom shape for high impact visual appeal. Retailers like to see your p...

We know, it can be painful paying for printing plates. Depending on how many colors you need for your design, your plate fees can run into the quadruple digits. Here are a few tips that can help save some money on plates.

Consider making one custom “logo bag” that works for all your products. Print and apply a small “flavor” label unique to each SKU. Thi...

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