5 Reasons Pouches Make "Sense"

Pouch packaging is everywhere... candy, granola, snacks and coffee! Want to know why pouches are so popular to house these tasty treats?

Check out these 5 reasons why pouches make "sense".

1. See

Maximum printing surfaces showcase your company's branding and messaging. Try a custom shape for high impact visual appeal. Retailers like to see your pouch display options - vertically on a rack with a hang-hole or self-standing using the built-in gusset bottom.

2. Taste

Improve the flavor of your product. Food packaged in a pouch reportedly tastes better than when packed in a can.

3. Smell

High performance films with barrier properties aid in the prevention of unwanted odor, oxygen and moisture migration, providing you with better food protection and improved shelf life for your high-quality product.

4. Hear

Have you heard? Pouches offer a lower environmental impact than some other packaging. With advancements in technology, more pouch recycling options are available.

Down-gauging to lighter weight pouch materials also translates into lower shipping and storage costs, saving you money.​

5. Touch

Want a pouch with a softer (less metallic or plastic) feel? Apply a matte varnish to give your pouch a more "natural" look and "soft touch".

Pouches offer consumers convenience with easy-to-open and reseal options.
The on-the-go packaging market continues to grow so pouches just make sense!
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