Design with These Elements in Mind

Creating great food packaging is as essential as selecting the right ingredients that go into your product. Consider these design elements when creating your packaging.

super matte laminated pouches for frozen food section


What constraints does your product have?

How will it be packaged and stored?

Does it need to be chilled?

Work with your packaging partner on the type of barriers and laminations needed to protect your product as well making sure your packaging holds up in the environment it will be stored in.

custom box to hold printed film to wrap cookies


How will your product be presented to be sold? If your product is offered at a brick and mortar store, how will it be displayed?

Do you need a wide enough base for it to free-stand?

Or a hang-hole on your pouch or an outer box to self-display?


What does it look like?

More and more, consumers are interested in seeing what they are getting.

If your product presents itself well – show it off! Use a front peek-a-boo or side panel window.

Consider a unique shape to differentiate you from the competition.

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