What's Your Story?

Consumers want to connect with the products they purchase and bring into their homes. What is your story? Tell it through your packaging!

box pouches offer multiple billboard-like flat surfaces.


What is your Unique Selling Proposition? What is the key differentiator between you and other products in the market?

Analyze and identify what your competition does well (and not so well), and how your product compares.

Choose packaging with enough surface area to get your point across.

Box pouches, for example, offer multiple billboard-like flat sides to tell your story.

Biscottea shortbread cookies wrapped in custom printed film.

Imagery/Design Elements

Who is your target audience?

What do you want to convey?

Photographs and illustrations are powerful design tools to identify your product differentiation, communicate product features, and impart emotional connections as to why your product will be so important for them.

You won't always be standing next to your products to explain them to potential buyers. Use imagery so your packaging can do the work for you!

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