Design Trends

The goal of packaging design is to create a personal and memorable experience with your target audience – to connect with your customers on a deeper level. Here are a few fun packaging design trends to consider if you’re looking to go in a different direction or looking to launch a promotional product.

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Get Crafty

With the resurgence of hand-crafted products, custom or hand lettering has also made a comeback. If you have Artisan goods, custom lettering can help convey a high level of artistry.

Natural textures and hand drawn designs can give your packaging warmth and set it apart from digital designs. This warmth can create an emotional tie to the product, making it feel wholesome.

bar wraps

Pattern Perfection

Using interesting patterns can elevate a package from ordinary to exceptional. Patterns can be eye-catching, dynamic, and compelling to the consumer.

Patterns create a visual motif that captures the essence of your brand. Whether your pattern is subtle, bold, or playful, patterning your package can help create a strong identity that customers will remember.

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